Babbity Bowster was built on the site of an old monastery, as part of a late 18th century urban development.

Yet despite its historical importance, it was under serious threat of demolition. Only a two-storey façade existed, but research showed there had once been a third storey, graced with a distinctive pediment.

It really has been a privilege to restore this architectural gem. Yes, it was incredibly hard work. But was it worth it? Absolutely.



Babbity Bowster – What does it mean?

As the original building was constructed in the late eighteenth century it seemed fitting to supply the restored building with an eighteenth century Scottish name.

The Babbity Bowster was a dance of that time “Babbity” being “bob at the” and “Bowster” meaning bolster or large pillow.

We leave you to decide who might have performed a bobbing dance at the edge of the bed and for what reasons. Some things never change.